Raelene Goddard


Why I like Drama

Drama gives me a chance to express my creativity in many different ways. I love being able to bring a character to life, and experience being someone other than me for a little while. The joy of directing is to begin with a concept mapped out on paper, and gradually see that concept take shape, and ultimately take on a life of its own as it is performed in front of an audience. I have also honed my photography skills through publicity and poster design for the group. Drama is a very sociable hobby too. It takes a whole team to bring a production to life, and it is lovely to be part of that team.

My Drama Experience

I am a long standing member of the group and served as Chairman for 5 years. I have performed in numerous productions, most recently “The York Realist” and “The 39 Steps”. My directing credits for the group include “Bronte”, “Equus”, “The Lost Boy” and “Wyrd Sisters”. I am also the group’s photographer and produce the majority of the group’s publicity materials.

Away from Drama

I cram as many hobbies as I possibly can into my spare time. During lockdown I have rediscovered my love of walking and have had more time to enjoy photography. I also enjoy dancing, specialising in dances from the swing era. I even got the chance to show off my dancing skills briefly in “The 39 Steps”!