Pat Bickerton

I’ve re-joined Woodland’s Drama Group Committee after a long absence, having previously been a committee member for longer than I care to remember, acting as Secretary of the Group for many years.
Amateur Dramatics is a hobby in which I’ve partaken since my children were old enough to be left on their own for two or three nights a week and it’s one of which I have never tired.
Were I to be asked why I like to pretend to be other people (for that’s what acting is!) then I suppose one could say it’s a kind of escape (from oneself….). So, if you want a change from being yourself, then try amateur dramatics; it’s satisfying and great fun to be another person for a while and get inside the head of a character you’re portraying, even a cat, the photo of which demonstrates what can be done with make-up! Learning lines is also good for the brain.