Ian Clarke

>Why I Enjoy Drama: 

As a shrinking violet off-stage, I rather like the opportunity drama affords to shed one’s inhibitions in public without fear of police reprisal. The frisson one gets from being a cog in a successful, ensemble production is probably better than sex. At the other extreme, the depression that descends at the end of any performance in which one’s ageing memory has ‘let the side down’ can last for weeks. Never mind, the joys (nearly) always make the risks and attendant nervous tension of performance worthwhile.

My Drama Experience: 

I took up acting at the tender age of 50 (eighteen years ago!) and suddenly found myself hooked (though romantic leads have, so far, proved elusive). Woodlands committee membership ensued (including a six-year spell as Chairman) plus opportunities to direct repertoire of choice (Russian and Scandinavian).

Away from Drama: 

Outside of Woodlands I am Chairman of the Nidderdale and District Drama Association and Vice Chairman of the All-England Theatre Festival. Despite increasing physical and mental senility I still enjoy fell-walking, gardening and translating or adapting plays. I am often seen, along with the current Woodlands Treasurer, hurling abuse at referees at Harrogate Town’s CNG stadium.