Alison Gilmour

Why I enjoy drama

I enjoy the whole spectrum of drama from play and drama games through to performance theatre. There is something transformative about watching theatre that you just don’t get from the cinema, especially in an intimate setting such as Harrogate studio

My Drama experience

I’ve been involved in drama since being a child, being a member of theatre companies in Wakefield, Nottingham and London.

I relocated to Harrogate in 2003, was welcomed by Woodlands and as an ‘unknown actress’ was cast in the title role of Anastasia.  Since then I have enjoyed numerous acting roles and have had the opportunity to write and direct my own work with Woodlands which recently led to an array of trophies at last year’s festival . 

As I pen this I am about to take on the challenge of 11 roles in Baskerville, some bearded and most of them “as tough as old leather and about as attractive”!

Away from Drama

I’m pretty much immersed in drama as professionally, I work as a Drama Therapist  here in Harrogate.

However, I do love to travel, anything from Youth Hostels to the Yucatan.