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Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

Wednesday 6th June until Saturday 9th June
As the long hot summer draws to a close it is a good time for me and Greebo to reflect back upon directing the June production of Wyrd Sisters. Naturally Greebo insists that the stars of the show were his portrait, and his voice recordings. He is of course absolutely right that his portrait and all the other set decorations and props created by Helen, including the brilliant mini witches, and the sound effects painstakingly selected and arranged by Anne-Marie brought the Discworld to life in the studio.

However the joy of a Pratchett production is that each and every role, even the smallest cameo, is packed with opportunity for both physical and verbal humour making every one of the actors a star (sorry Greebo!) and a joy to watch every performance. 

I was lucky, from “props corner” I got to watch the show each day, but I also got to watch the audience of family, friends and dedicated Pratchett fans, one of whom now has the Woodlands Wyrd Sisters poster on display in his extensive collection of Pratchett memorabilia. Ultimately that was the very best part of the show, because I could see the audience enjoying the storyline, being delighted by the props and effects, and most importantly laughing, a lot!


Wyrd Sisters - Woodlands Drama Group